“Voices like this don’t come around very often …” – Simon Li, Universal Music

Hailing from Aberystwyth, North Wales, where something in the water creates singers with immense lungs, Hana Christine possesses a voice of such staggering power and control that she is often asked why she isn’t playing stadiums.

All in good time…

Hana grew up in Hastings, and 2013 saw Hana playing Festivals around the South coast, and enjoying radio airplay alongside her co-writer, Andrew Telling with acoustic live lounge style performances of their songs.

Hana is equally comfortable in front of a crowd of thousands as she is performing in small, intimate venues to appreciative music lovers. She is carving out her career the old-fashioned way, gig by gig. She has paid her dues working in the Mediterranean in 5 star hotels, performed for political leaders and celebrities at major charity events, and is still playing pubs and clubs with a variety of function bands, and as part of a duo and trio. Wherever there is an audience that appreciates music, she is happy to perform. She is never more fulfilled than when she is supporting a charity event, and there are a number of local annual events she always remains available for.

She’s a sweet geek, slightly OCD and inadvertently funny. At home she’s happy in a onesie, eating sweets and watching chick flicks and horror movies.

Out on the stage under the lights, her trademark high-heeled red shoes say she means business.


Hastings Beer Festival 2013

Hastings Beer Festival 2013

Naive – with Andrew Telling at the Ice Bar, London

Rolling in the Deep – MixBeats

Beatles Day 2013 – MixBeats – The Whole Thing


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    Hana Christine

    One Million Point Two Five - Acoustic

    Hana Christine

    Curtain Call - Acoustic

    Hana Christine

    Fake Hand - Acoustic

    Hana Christine

    Naive - Acoustic